Like a virgin

Where were you? Did you enjoy it? Was it something meaningful or without consequences? …Were you paid?  I am talking about the first time…on stage! To be honest, I think I had two first times. Childhood innocence The very first time was during a Dr. Sketchy dedicated… Continue reading

The Naughty Dream of a Mechanical Doll

Olympia, Coppelia… such pretty, fascinating dolls! To the music of Fellini’s Casanova, Sucre d’Orge comes to life as a seemingly innocent mechanical doll who loses her magnificent rose and gold costume piece by piece…

The Bewitched Love

Created for the Silencio Club during their Magic Week, Love’s Enchantment is a blend of strip-tease and magic. In a costume inspired by the Russian Ballet’s Shéherazade, Sucre d’Orge will enchant you with her dance of the veils and her illusionary tricks.

The Thing

You know the Addams Family, but you have never seen the Thing’s strip-tease! This is a totally unexpected and sexy number, played out entirely by… hand! Hilarious and surprising, appropriate for the most innocent (or the most jaded) audience!