Shooting: Pina in the ring

In April, I was invited to the opening of a new and stylish boxing club in Paris : Le Temple. I get dressed like a dancer, with a long and large light pink skirt and a black body. When I saw the huge leather bags, I immediately… Continue reading

Ziegfeld Style

Circle and Model When Mireille Ampilhac asked me to be her model for a photoshoot, I was excited by the idea of posing like a Ziegfeld girl, with my dear hula hoop. Hooping is my latest whim : on the beach, in my courtyard, in a… Continue reading

Cycle with style!

Since I bought a lovely vintage bike, I am fond of riding through Paris. But the main question is : how to cycle with style, without feeling uncomfortable or endangered? High heels rule In my opinion, it is easier to cycle than to walk with 12… Continue reading