Sneak a peek at Sucre d’orge’s best shows!

Marie Antoinette’s music box

Live performance for a Marie Antoinette Party in Paris

Egyptian Fantasy

Sucre d’Orge performs her classic and jazzy fan dance for a private show at Raspoutine

Egyptian Fantasy

Egyptian Fantasy at Dailymotion Studio

Egyptian Fantasy

Egyptian Fantasy performed in 2010, for BeBurlesque’s Birthday

Marie Antoinette’s music box

A short film for Dailymotion Studio

Marie Antoinette’s music box

One of Sucre d’Orge’s first live performance!

marie antoinette’s music box

Marie Antoinette is in NYC for Dr. Sketchy’s!

You do something to me

Live fan dance at the Cabaret “La Nouvelle Eve”, for Francis Dreyfus Music

The Thing

Sucre d’Orge is performing her “Thing” act for a Dr. Sketchy’s dedicated to Addams Family