Ice dream in Jökulsárlón

Winter is coming and I remember Jökulsárlón, the amazing Glacier-lagoon, one of the most beautiful place in Iceland.

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It is a large glacial lake, in the south of Iceland. Everything there is blue, grey and white.

There are vivid sea birds flying all around, trying to catch fishes.

A funny yellow boat brings us in the middle of the lake.

A lot of Seals are fishing in there. It’s so nice to watch them moving like fast rockets in the water.

Blue ice is truly fascinating…

I felt a bit sad when I had to leave this place. There is so much life there, on ice.

Photos: Sucre d’Orge
  • How to get there :
    A day trip leave Reykjavik early in the morning and allows you to discover many beautiful places on the way to the lagoon (this one for example). It is a 14h excursion but it’s worth it!

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