Dear Diary…

Dear international readers, please be kind to me… I would like to be fluent in English but I still have to work on it! Here is my attempt to translate my french “Prose” in the language of Shakespeare. Enjoy!

Welcome to my new website!

Four years ago, I designed poorly a kind of blog for showing my work to New York producers. Broadway, yeah Baby! At that time this website was okay, but time passed…

Few months ago, I did some videos of my shows at the Daily Motion studio (French YouTube). I was so glad to have some fresh and exciting videos! But what a shame to upload them on my old website. I realized I never did any improvement on its design, nor uploaded my new acts and it was just…out-of-date and ugly.

Sarah Bernhardt dans La Dame aux Camélias. Falk Studios, 1911
“Oh my god! Look at that face!” Sarah Bernhardt


A glimmer of hope!

A friend of mine, Stella Polaris revamped her blog last year and I was crazy about it : classy, easy to read …. and so Art Deco! I asked Marie Guillaumet, who did her website, to think about mine.

One of the difficulties was to find a style that matches with my heterogeneous aesthetic : Marie Antoinette, flapper, Indian goddess… A kind of burlesque patchwork!

Femme à l’éventail – Gustav Klimt, 1918
Gustav Klimt, 1918

A Chinese Boudoir

Stella gave me the idea of the birds as an artistic line. And she was right! I love them and on top of that, they are the embodiment of my favorite burlesque performance: feathers fan dance!

Then, I add an orientalist touch :

  • Asia is a constant inspiration through out the ages : 18th century fantasies, 19th Ladies’ dream, Mata hari…
  • I also thought about Geishas. They are burlesquers’ sisters : entertaining audience with a strong artistic sense.

Cranes, japanese clouds and volutes were required!


I want to share in this diary my inspirations, obsessions and adventures! I will manage to translate my posts as often as possible. Feel free to comment them and don’t hesitate to point out my misspells and else.

Kind regards,

Sucre d'Orge

La balançoire - Fragonard, 1767
Let’s have some fun!

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