Dazzling, graceful and seductive, Sucre d'Orge (“Candy Cane”) is a french burlesque dancer whose acts evoke the charm of silent films actresses, the moves of Broadway dancers and the graces of Parisian elegance.

Her background in dance and her sense of detail make Sucre d'Orge’s acts professionally choreographed pieces. She makes a specialty of beautiful fan dances!

Let her tease you… Welcome to the glorious age of cabaret!

Let the show begin!

From the 18th century to the Russian Ballet, from the Orient to silent film, from the charleston to fan dances… This way for Sucre d’Orge’s shows!

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Shooting: Pina in the ring

In April, I was invited to the opening of a new and stylish boxing club in Paris : Le Temple. I get dressed like a dancer, with a long and large light pink skirt and a black body. When I saw the huge leather bags, I immediately… Continue reading

Ice dream in Jökulsárlón

Winter is coming and I remember Jökulsárlón, the amazing Glacier-lagoon, one of the most beautiful place in Iceland. (click on photos to enlarge)   It is a large glacial lake, in the south of Iceland. Everything there is blue, grey and white. There are vivid sea… Continue reading

Like a virgin

Where were you? Did you enjoy it? Was it something meaningful or without consequences? …Were you paid?  I am talking about the first time…on stage! To be honest, I think I had two first times. Childhood innocence The very first time was during a Dr. Sketchy dedicated… Continue reading

Masterclass with Catherine D’Lish

Two weeks ago, I attended Catherine D’Lish’s Masterclass. After the class, I was blown away, body and mind. *This is an attempt to translate my french article, so sorry for my english* My idol Last year, I have seen the New Burlesque Cabaret. It was the first… Continue reading

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